by Sue King

This Special Edition concerns itself with the heath of our mules.  Included are some new articles and some of the best health articles which have previously appeared in the magazine which I felt needed reprinting because their content was so helpful.  In regard to the health of our mules, I believe, we need to adopt the philosophy that Prevention is better than Intervention.  Prevention is less costly not only to our own finances, but also to the long term health of our mules.  Our focus should be how to prevent problems rather than waiting for them to occur and then treat them with intervention.  In order to do that, we arm ourselves with the knowledge about disease, align ourselves with good veterinarians and make our mule's and donkey's health our primary concern.
                             From standard health practices to alternative therapies, our mules can benefit from the best that is available to horses.  With more mules being asked to perform, we are seeing them subject to the same athletic injuries that horses have been plagued with.  With mules being hauled to trail rides and shows, their exposure to disease is increasing.  With the demand for quality mules on the rise, our horses and donkeys are exposed to reproductive diseases.
                             New technologies are making prevention and treatment for our companion animals as sophisticated as it is for humans.  From lasers to nuclear imaging, the best is available in the equine medical field.   Given the advancements in veterinarian medicine, our mules will live longer and healthier lives than those who lived a hundred years ago. 
                           This Special Edition and the information in it is only the tip of the iceberg in what we can do for our mules to keep them healthy and happy.  I find it fascinating that we have so much at our disposal to insure a long, healthy and happy relationship with our mules through the marvels of modern medicine.