Text Box: During a discussion on the Internet, a group of us decided to put our philosophies of working with mules and donkeys in outline form.  It was fun and we learned a lot.  I thought I'd share mine with you.  I'd encourage you to do the same.  Write down what you've learned from your animals and how you've been successful in what you've accomplished with them.  If you'd like to share it with the readers, send it in to me for publication.

These are my prerequisites for working with mules:

1.   a sense of humor.
2.   a willingness to train a mule the way the best horse should be trained
3.   a sense of humor
4.   study donkeys - they are the key to the quirkiness you find in mules
5.  a sense of humor
6.   when things go to hell, put the mule up and go in and watch a training video
7.  a sense of humor
8.   pick your fights carefully and only engage in one you can win or don't start it - the mule's too smart for that
9.   a sense of humor
10. be fair in your discipline - a mule is pretty black and white in its views
11. a sense of humor
12. don't ask a mule to do anything you have not broken down into little lessons, ie: a flat spin can't be learned until the mule knows how to turn on the haunches.
13.  a sense of humor
14.  When you loose your sense of humor - 


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