What Did I Forget This Time?

by Leah Patton

No matter how carefully we plan, we always seem to forget something when planning a trip. Here is a short list of some things that are most often overlooked:
  • Check trailer hitch and make sure it is tight.
  • Check air and tread on trailer tires.
  • Make sure all plates and stickers are current on car/truck and trailer. Check trailer interior for rotted boards, holes in the floor, slipped mats, etc.
  • Make sure all doors latch properly.
  • Do a walk-around on your truck and make sure all lights work, and if an oil change or tune-up are close, go ahead and do it before your trip.
  • Make sure any reservations are made and confirmed, and put a set of directions to the site with a current map in your vehicle.
  • Write down numbers you know you can call in case you get lost.
  • At least a week before your trip, make sure you have current health papers. If not, they may have to be sent to a lab for results and that can sometimes take 3 or 4 days.
  • If your animal is shod, you might want to shoe a week before the trip to let them get used to the new shoes - a fresh trim right before a ride is not always the best way - know your own animal and how they will respond.

Did you pack:

  • Picket Ropes or Tie-outs
  • Feed for Animals?
  • Tack?
  • Grooming Tools?
  • Emergency Kit?
  • First Aid Kit?
  • Clothing for Self? (Your Riding Boots and Pants Too?)
  • Food?
  • Health Papers for Animals?
  • Wallet, Car Keys,
  • Money?

Make a list, check off as you pack, and cross off as you load. This way you can double-check yourself and make sure nothing vital was left behind. Don't laugh - the number of people who have made it to a three-day event without their saddle or bridle is rather long.... but above all, don't forget the most important thing - Your MULE!