Bit Terms

Sweet Iron - Intended to rust, it actually has a sweet taste to it as rusting occurs.
Stainless Steel - Very little taste. Gives a clean, neat look.
Copper - Causes mouth to salivate keeping it soft and usable to the rider.
Chain - Works lightly on the bars and corners of lips while adding some tongue pressure.
Solid - Any mouthpiece that is not broken.
Port - Center portion of mouthpiece. Both height and width are important in creating the amount of tongue pressure or tongue relief.
Timing - Amount of time required from the moment the reins are pulled till the horse reacts.
Poll - Top of the head behind the ears where the neck and head join.
Curb Chain Pressure - Timing of the bit. Loose curb chain - slower. tight curb chain - faster.
Mullen Relief - A forward curve in the mouthpiece that creates even pressure across the bars and tongue.